exhibit8100 | Rita Jordan

exhibit 8100 represents my efforts, Rita Jordan, as a visual artist, designer and teacher. I was originally trained as a fine artist then embraced digital media adding to my skills as the technology evolved…makes me a life-long learner. I have journeyed through the evolution of digital creation from desktop publishing, to multimedia art, to creating in the online environment with complete passion and childlike excitement. I have worked for companies such as CNN, PAX TV and numerous smaller design firms as a commercial designer. I continue to seek out design projects that explore current and emerging technologies. I prefer to be part of a message that considers the overall betterment of the viewer/audience.


Today most of my day is spent in the classroom instructing students in the field of web development and graphic design. Teaching was a consideration as a child but the expectation to pursue the field was never real until three company employers in a row failed. When I was offered the opportunity to teach, I decided to explore it. Nine years later, I have bonded with my students while being the candle to light another artist’s flame. I expose my students to the history and basic principles of Graphic Design. I teach Web Design from the Front End Designer, Aesthetic Designer, perspective. My students achieve ACA, Adobe Certified Associate status, on programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and InDesign. I have been recognized on several occasions for my devotion to teaching such as nominee and finalist for the William T. Dwyer Awards for Excellence in Education in 2012 and Career Education Teacher of the Year nominee for several years in a row.


I am currently a student at the Academy of Arts University, San Francisco getting so much from the Master’s of Fine Arts Graphic Design program.  Any available spare time is spent creating. I love finding items and recycling them into something beautiful. I love the sea and celebrate its bounty of seashells into something decorative from an Interior Design perspective. I explore jewelry design also… beading mostly. I have made Florida my home for over 20 years. Time away from the classroom allows for my exploration of hand made crafts and a revisit to my days of Fine Arts. I am happiest when I am creating and the hand crafted arts gives me a sense of balance from the digital realm. I make home accessory items, jewelry and interior design interiors heavily influenced by the sea.