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Rita Jordan had first toyed with the idea of teaching when she graduated high school out of discouragement for the Art instruction she had been provided during those years. Placing a bottle in the middle of a table and directed to “draw it” was not sufficient. After college, she decided to work commercially in order to ensure being able to put a roof over her head.


There were times during her long career where Rita was afforded the opportunity to instruct… usually in the Adult Continuing Education environment, for example, at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. It was then that she realized that she just might have something to¬†share.


After leaving Atlanta, Rita didn’t teach again until 2006. Rita is still currently teaching, now full time, at both the high school and college level. Always hungry to learn more, she passes on this passion for learning “like a candle being used to light another”. She currently is teaching classes in Web Design, Animation, and Digital Design. She stresses the necessary skills to become a viable commercial artist. Rita understands the process a designer goes through from concept to implementation and includes this in her curriculum.